La Boulangerie Aucoin Bakery

About the Aucoin Bakery

AucoinBakery.comThe Aucoin Bakery is located in Petit Étang, alongside the world famous Cabot Trail, neighbouring the Cape-Breton Highland National Park and the region of Chéticamp.

A.Aucoin's Bakery was founded in 1959 by Alex and Annie Blanche Aucoin. The launch of the new business was made possible in part by a $2500.00 loan. Quickly expanding, the Aucoin Bakery received financial assistance from Robinhood Inc. for a new oven and technical support.

In 1987, Leonard and Pauline Aucoin took over the family business. In 2003 Leonard and Pauline's son, Justin became head baker.

With their great homemade family recipes, the bakery rose to success and continues to grow strong with customers throughout the world renowned Cape-Breton Island.

At present, Aucoin's Bakery has become an important part of Petit Étang's economy as well as surrounding regions by providing full-time work to 5 staff members and during the busy summer season, the bakery also employs 3 part-time staff and 6 students.

Over the years charitable work by the Aucoin Bakery has not gone unnoticed. Since 2004, with the help of numerous volunteers, friends, family, the community and the Bakery's hard working staff, more than $35,000 has been collected and donated to various branches of charitable organisations offering support to cancer victims as well as cancer research such as; Relay for Life, Bust-a-move!, Bone marrow transplants and more.

The bakery also plays an important role amongst children of the community as an educational tool. Local schools regularly schedule guided tours to the facility where the Aucoin bakery staff educate the students about baking and related operations.

Since the very beginning, the whole family has played an important part in the bakery's operations and on-going success. Aucoin Bakery's current owners, Pauline Aucoin and her son Justin Aucoin along with the dedicated staff are looking forward to providing many more years of quality products and service that are a slice above the rest.

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Hours of Operations

Monday - Saturday, 7 AM - 5 PM
(From Victoria Day Weekend to Thanks Giving Weekend)
Monday - Friday, 7 AM - 5 PM
(Rest of the year)